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Dance Safe

Respect, diversity, and positive memories are at the heart of what DREAMS stands for.

More than just another concert, we are a community of open-minded individuals that embrace the differences between us. We ask our fans to be kind to one another, treat your friends and strangers with consideration, and make good choices.

Our staff will assist anyone that needs help or feels unsafe without judgement. Reach out to security staff, volunteers, or anyone wearing a radio to help you if you need them.

Preparing for the Event

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Partying is always better with friends, right? Make sure that you have a trusted festival friend. Make a plan for how you’ll stay connected throughout the event. Look out for them, and have them look out for you.

Remember the event is held outside: sunscreen, hats and sunglasses are all festival must haves.

Want to spend all day front and centre? That’s awesome, we recommend that you consider using hearing protection.

Dress for comfort both functional and personal (you’ll still look fabulous) Dress for the heat. Try to avoid heavy costumes. Although we love costumes, light weight clothing that provides sun protection is ideal. If you do choose to brighten our event with costumes ensure you take regular breaks to cool down. For more sun safety tips, visit Toronto Public Health.

Getting to the Event

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Plan your entrance: TTC, Taxi and Uber are all good options for getting here. If you need assistance with accessibility or have any questions contact LiveNation Info

Come with your festival friend. Plan to leave with them.

Allow extra time to get here, its going to be busy. Remember, thousands of others are coming to party with you.

There will be lineups to get in, be patient and make friends with those around you.

You are going to be searched. Some things are festival fouls and don’t belong at our event. We know the majority of you believe this too and we appreciate your cooperation. A list of Do’s and Dont’s can be found here

Illicit substances will not be permitted onto the festival grounds. Music is all we need to elevate and enhance our mood We believe that the consumption of all illicit substances carries risk and advise strongly against it.

At the Event

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Before the event starts, check out the locations of the water stations, chill out areas, and first aid tents so you know where these important health resources are.

Take rest breaks – you guys dance hard. Know your limits and chill to ensure you have energy to show the headliners what makes T.O the best place to play.

Stay hydrated – water is the only way. Ensure you drink plenty of water regularly throughout the event. You can mix it up with electrolyte drinks (not caffeinated energy drinks) every so often to top up those energy levels.

Reapply sunscreen every two hours. Wear a hat, and take a break in the shade if you can. Drink responsibly – you have two days (that’s 24 hours of nonstop music) and dozens of artists. Pace yourself. We want you dancing to the end. Avoid mixing alcohol and energy drinks.

Stay safe don’t leave any of your beverages unattended.

Remember to eat. Your body is an engine make sure to keep the tank topped up so you can power through the day. Eating regularly is especially important if you are consuming alcohol/other drugs.

Consent –Yes is the only acceptable consent. A revealing outfit is not an invitation to touch. Seek help if you need it. – If someone has made an approach or touched you in a way you are not comfortable with or just won’t leave party in peace let our Security or event staff know.

We do not condone and strongly advise against consuming illicit substances. In addition to being illegal they present many risks to your health, they should never be mixed with other drugs (e.g., alcohol, prescription drugs, energy drinks). Results may not be what you expect, and combining drugs can be risky. Especially avoid mixing drugs that lower your blood pressure or make you drowsy or sleepy (e.g., anti-depressants, opiates).

Ensure you have a sober companion to look out for any adverse side effects, and; Be prepared to seek help. If something doesn’t feel right we have help close at hand. You need to be honest with us and tell our medical team what you consumed (or think you consumed). You won’t get in trouble from us – we are concerned about your health.

Feeling unwell or unsafe? We’re here to help . Not sure if you need help? Check in with us anyway. We want you to be safe, have fun and leave with great memories. All our staff can be approached to assist you to get any help you may need.

Need medical attention? Visit the first aid tent, approach our roaming medics or ask security for assistance.

Need a break? Visit our chill out zone.

Remember to stay in touch with your festival friend throughout the event let them know where you are.

Heading Home

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Know who you are going home with. Remember your festival friend? Don’t leave without them – they trust you.

Know how you are getting home – don’t drive under the influence of anything. Use the TTC, a taxi or Uber where possible.

Did you meet someone at the festival? Awesome! After all likeminded people are drawn together. But do you want to go home with them? Make sure what you do tonight is something you’ll be happy with tomorrow.

If you are feeling unsafe, please ask any of our staff. We are here to help.

Hooking up – whether you plan to hook up or not. Stay safe by keeping in touch with your festival friend to be sure they know where you are, and how you are getting home.

Consent –Yes, is the only acceptable consent. However, if someone is intoxicated, they cannot legally consent, regardless if they have said yes.

Make sure what you do tonight is something you’ll be happy with tomorrow.

Drug prevention messaging developed in collaboration with:

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